synthetic seismogram

Calculation of wave fields in a layered half-space with absorption based on the Thomson-Haskell method

This article is devoted to the development of calculation method of seismic waves on the free surface of a horizontally-layered half-space, which are perturbed by local sources. Previous obtained relations for scalar potentials of direct waves P, SV and SH from the simple force in a homogeneous environment are used for this purpose.

A technique for seismograms calculation in a layered half-space, as applied to seismic moment tensor inversions

In this article one developed the method (algorithm and program) for modelling three-way seismogram of arbitrary dipole point source in a vertically inhomogeneous half-space with the acquisitions. The algorithm and program were tested on the example of a real earthquake, registered at different epicentrum distance for the horizontally-layered models of the environment. Using the proposed methodology I attempted to estimate the seismic moment tensor for the earthquake of Crimea 16. 10. 1998 (Mw = 3.6).

Modeling of wave field, which has been excited of deep or superficial source in horizontally layered half-space

Purpose. The aim is to conduct mathematical modeling of disturbances and seismic wave field propagation in horizontally layered isotropic elastic half-space; summarizing the results obtained in the case of absorbing media; numerical implementation of the method of calculation of seismic waves in horizontally layered medium with absorption, perturbed point source in a simple force that depends on time; build sustainable programs and algorithms for numerical calculations for synthetic seismograms; and conducting numerical experiments for verification of results.