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Investigation of Petroleum Bitumen Resistance to Aging

Aging peculiarities of paving bitumen, which was obtained by different ways, have been studied. Oxidized and residual bitumen produced from oils of Ukrainian deposits were used and the changes in the main characteristics of bitumen after 5 and 10 h of aging in a thin film at the temperature of 436 K have been determined and the processes occurred during the aging have been studied. Using infrared spectroscopy, the changes in the structural composition of the binder during aging have been analyzed.

Сharacteristics of aging of oxidized oil bitumen BND 60/90 PJSC “Ukrtatnafta”

A significant disadvantage of shortening life of the roadway is the aging of the binder. The main factors that lead to the deterioration of the properties of oxidized oil bitumen are described in the article.It is found that considerable loss of binding properties happens even before the commissioning of the road. An artificial aging of the bitumen samples according to GOST 18180 was performed and the indexes before and after the process of 5 and 10 hours aging were compared.