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Method of evaluating and diagnosing costs for event management

The article develops a method of evaluating and diagnosing costs for event management in the form of a matrix that takes into account the directions of managing event processes of business entities (strategic management of event processes; event management of integration, transformation, and change; management of team building processes; management of business activities ) taking into account the phases of its formation and development (emergence phase, growth phase or “accelerated growth”, stabilization and maturity phase, activity reduction phase or “restructuring”) and provides for econo

Moral and Psychological State of the Company as an Example of Effective Management

In today’s world, the process of developing and updating the concept of personnel management continues. Management methods, tools and technologies are being improved, innovative management technologies are being approved. Increasingly, the staff of the organization is seen as a base for the formation of its competitive advantages. Of particular importance is the environment in which the employee is. Moral and psychological atmosphere, psychological and emotional climate in the organization, formed and maintained corporate culture of the organization are components of the