термоелектричний перетворювач

Theory and Practice of Temperature Measurement by Thermoelectric Transducers

Temperature is one of the main parameters that determine the quantitative and qualitative indicators of products. Therefore, it is difficult to name a field of technology or a branch of industry where it would not be necessary to measure the temperature of solid, liquid, or gaseous substances.

Correcting the errors due to drift and due to acquired thermoelectric inhomogeneity in the thermocouple with controlled profile of temperature field

Thermocouples are the most popular sensors of temperature used in measuring praxis for temperatures in the range 600–2500 ºC, in spite of their drawbacks. The most important among them is their error, which is often too big for many cases in industry and science. The total error of thermocouples is much greater than that of their measurement channels. The main errors proper for thermocouples are as follows: 1. Considerable initial deviation of their conversion characteristic (CC) from the nominal one.