Influence of Coke Quenching Method on its Reactivity

The results of investigation for the influence of the coke quenching method on the coke reactivity were shown. Using thermogravimetry and scanning electron microscopy significant differences of the porous structure and peculiarities of the structure of coke carbon, which forms the pores walls in both wet and dry quenching coke, were discovered. It was established that higher reactivity of wet quenching coke is due to its higher porosity (60 % higher than that of dry quenching coke).

Ecological Sorbent Based on Saponite Mineral from Ukrainian Clay-Field

The physico-chemical, structural and adsorption characteristics of saponite mineral from Tashkivske clay-field and their changes under the influence of acid, thermal and ultrasonic activation were investigated. Stabilization mechanism of the colloidal system “saponite-water” under the influence of stabilizing agents was studied. Moreover, the effectiveness of saponite multipurpose usage was proved by experiments.