thermal power plant


We developed an algorithm for the estimation of harmful emissions depending on the amount of supplied electricity and heat at coal-fired TPP. By this algorithm, we calculated the emissions of SO2 and dust at Ukrainian TPP in 2017 and 2018. The values of SO2 concentrations in dry flue gases at Ukrainian TPP in 2017 and 2018 depending on fuel brand, sulfur content, and method of slag removal in the boiler were in the range of 1520–5900 mg/Nm3, and the general gross emissions of SO2 were about 620 thousand t.

Assessing the Impact of Sumy Chp on Soil

The paper presents assessment of the impact of Sumy CHP when pollutants come into soils with atmospheric precipitation and filtration from the area of the ash and slug dump. Samples of snow were tested for the content of heavy metals and ash particles. Soil samples were tested for the content of heavy metals. The conducted research showed a high degree of soil contamination in the area of Sumy CHP influence.

Influence of dobrotvir thermal power plant on environmental specifications

The influence of the emissions of Dobrotvir TPP on the state of environmental pollution was evaluated: the state of air and soils and the state of waste management. The necessity to perform combined researches and ecological measures to reduce the negative impact of waste dumps on the environment was justified.