time delay

Time delay and nonlinear incidence effects on the stochastic SIRC epidemic model

This paper presents theoretical and numerical study of a stochastic SIRC epidemic model with time delay and nonlinear incidence.  The existence and uniqueness of a global positive solution is proved.  The Lyapunov analysis method is used to obtain sufficient conditions for the existence of a stationary distribution and the disease extinction under certain assumptions.  Numerical simulations are also elaborated for the considered stochastic model in order to corroborate the theoretical findings.

Weak and strong stabilization for time-delay semi-linear systems governed by constrained feedback control

This paper is concerned with the issue of weak and strong stabilization for distributed semi-linear systems with time delay using a constrained feedback control.  The results of the semi-linear systems without delay are generalized for strong and weak stabilization cases.  Illustrating applications to hyperbolic and parabolic equations are considered.

Synchronization of time invariant uncertain delayed neural networks in finite time via improved sliding mode control

This paper explores the finite-time synchronization problem of delayed complex valued neural networks with time invariant uncertainty through improved integral sliding mode control.  Firstly, the master-slave complex valued neural networks are transformed into two real valued neural networks through the method of separating the complex valued neural networks into real and imaginary parts.  Also, the interval uncertainty terms of delayed complex valued neural networks are converted into the real uncertainty terms.  Secondly, a new integral sliding mode surface is designed by employing the ma

Estimating the Adequacy of Software Router Performance Under Multimedia Traffic Processing

In this paper we perform a study of probabilistic and statistical properties of experimental traffic of multiservice telecommunication network to confirm the adequacy of the developed software router model and simulated traffic profiles.