titanium oxide

The influence of metal oxide powders on the physical and mechanical properties of epoxy composites for the protection of constructions made of aluminum alloys

Protection of designs of vehicles made of aluminum alloys is an urgent application problem because these alloys are being extensively destroyed under the influence of aggressive environments, climatic factors, cyclic changes of temperature, the influence of the flow of abrasive particles. The protective coating increases significantly duration of operation of the construction and reduce the number of overhaul operations associated with restoring the surface of the product.

Chemical treatment and modification of jute fiber surface

In this work, jute fiber was used as a source of cellulose fiber. Chemical processes for the purification, mechanical dispersion in Ultra Turrax and modifications with titanium isopropoxide (TiP), 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APTMS), as well as double modification with both TiP and APTMS, were used to obtain fibers with reduced diameter and less agglomeration and adhesion to polar polymers such as polyamides. Fibers with a diameter close to 10 μm were observed by SEM after drying and pulverization.