transesterification; aliphatic alcohols; triglycerides; sunflower oil; divalent metal cations; catione exchange resine.

Transesterification of sunflower oil’s triglycerides by aliphatic alcohols С1–С4

Transesterification of sunflower oil triglycerides by C1-C4 aliphatic alcohols in the presence of cation exchange resin KU-2-8 with immobilized divalent metal ions has been studied. It was found that the reaction occurs at a high initial rate and the conversion of triglycerides for 180 min in presence aliphatic alcohols C1– C3 is 88.4–99.8 %. It is shown that under these conditions the rate of transesterification reaction of triglycerides with butan-1-ol is significantly lower and the conversion achieved in 180 min does not exceed 52.3 %.