тривалість сеансів спостережень

The effect of absolute humidity on GPS-positioning accuracy

Objective. Investigate the effect of absolute humidity on the GPS accuracy for different durations of observation. Methods. The GPS observations with different durations over spring-autumn period at 17 permanent stations in France and 8 stations in Switzerland were chosen for initial data. These observations used four GPS networks with a different number of points (from 5 to 8) and lengths of vectors (average length varied from 5.1 to 48.6 km).

Elevation mask and type of receiver effects on points positioning accuracy

The main goal of our research was to investigate the influence of the elevation mask, vectors length, GNSS receivers type (single or dual frequency), and observation duration on positioning accuracy in satellite geodetic networks using only GPS and both GPS/GLONASS signals. Methods. As the initial information the results of 10 days GNSS observation from 35 permanent stations in France (www.rgp.ing.fr) was taken. These results of observation were used for design three networks: first two contained 12 stations, and third – 11.