two-phase short circuit

Mathematical Modeling of Transition Processes in the High Voltage Transmission Line in Short Circuit Modes

The article analyzes the publications, which shows that two approaches to the analysis of transients in long power lines with distributed parameters are popular today: based on simplified methods of solving the equation of a long line, or equivalent to the known equation of a long line by circuit substitution schemes. In applying the first approach, the authors do not take into account the running resistance, phase and interphase conductivities, calculating the usually mentioned processes by the known methods of D’Alembert and “wandering waves”.

Mathematical Modeling of Transients Processes in Three-phase Transmission Line in Two-phase Short Circuit Mode

The article analyzes scientific publications, which showed that for most part of the study transients processes in the long power lines with distributed parameters is carried out by equivalent to the known equation of a long line with distributed parameters by a circular equivalent, or solve this equation using simplified approaches. These approaches require deterministic boundary conditions to the long line equation, which is not always possible when modeling transients processes in electrical networks.