Institutional and legal aspect of international cooperation in the formation of the European Information Society, its effective functioning and safety providing (Review Article)

The article is dedicated to the topical problem of formation, effective functioning of the European Information Society, creation of security system and counteraction to the negative information and psychological influences.

UNESCO Convention as a Basic Component of the National System of Legal Regulation of Monuments: Conceptual and Terminological Aspect

On the basis of analysis of conventions of UNESCO and Ukrainian legislation in the article the comparative analysis of features of application of base concepts of maintenance of monuments is carried out in an international law and national legislation, their hierarchy is set, the methods of overcoming of divergences are offered at the use of existent concept- terminological vehicle.

Nature and Mission of Heritage in Modernity: Impacts of Nationalism

The topic of origin, nature and mission of the modern cultural heritage is considered. Heritage is an important source for other areas - culture, politics, economy. Can it only be a source? Let's try to prove that not only. The question is - can culture, politics or nationalism exist in the modern era without a legacy?