united territorial community

Modeling of Territorial Community Development Processes

Local development of a certain area is formed under the influence of many criteria. The rapid pace of globalization of the world economy is one of the criteria that significantly affect the formation of new trends and patterns of local development. The manifestation of this criterion can be seen in the strengthening of the role of communities in the economic development of certain territories and countries. The Ukrainian state is already one of several countries whose societies have understood and accepted the importance of community interest in direct participation in local development.

Regulatory provisions on forming and functioning of united territorial communities

The regulatory provisions for forming and developing capable territorial communities are analyzed, the content of problems that need legislative solutions for the successful continuation of reforms is determined. Directions and measures of improvement of regulatory provisions for forming capable territorial communities are outlined.


The article states that the reform of local self-government and territorial organization of power, is the creation of united territorial communities in Ukraine on the basis of decentralization, conceptual principles of which were approved in 2014, and practical implementation began in 2015, was among the most effective and significant proclaimed strategic reforms.