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Implementation of The Weather Station Software on A Microprocessor Platform Using .NET Technology

The article presents an implementation of the weather station software on a microprocessor platform using .NET technology. The system consists of a hardware module that collects weather data, a microprocessor platform that processes data, and a software application that visualizes and stores data. The software system is designed using the .NET platform, which provides an environment for software de- velopment. The system uses a web interface that allows users to access the weather from anywhere with a web browser.

Development of Interactive Web Application Using Non-relational Database

The interactive web application which consist of database, data warehouses, progressive mobile application and main web interface has been developed. It gives an opportunity create, send and the other proceed users' requests and also review, change, delete and transfer component elements, manage additional functions which are not available for simple user. The other important specification of developed app is ability to work offline.