Gamification in educational process: realization

The paper presents an architecture of the education system with gamification. The system for assessing practical knowledge and skills through play is designed to optimize the educational process and the manifestation of students' creative thinking. The main purpose of this system is to simplify and automate the learning process in educational institutions

Аналіз та обґрунтування вибору методів дослідження інформаційного продукту

The article deals with methods of research of an information product, methods of analysis of its performances, methods of forecasting future states of an information product, outlines the major complexities involved in this.

Інформаційне моделювання консолідованого ресурсу офісної документації ПАТ «Іскра»

The relevance of computer facilities and content management system techniques while working with the office documents is discussed and their creation by designing a database for the office documentation using an MySQL open-source software product is proposed in this article. Also, the importance of creation of Internet web-site to provide to company`s information resources for users is considered. The research is devoted to the problem of creating an effective information system with consolidated document`s data and using it regardless of the employee`s current location.