Order of formation, structure and authority of the two parliament in Ukraine

: 286 - 291

O. Kovalchuk «Order of formation, structure and authority of the two parliament in Ukraine»

Lviv Polytechnic National University

The research is devoted to the consideration of problematic issues of the introduction of a bicameral parliament in Ukraine. It is proposed to form the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from two chambers: the lower one – the House of Representatives and the upper – the Chamber of Regions, so that the lower chamber consisted of 189 deputies, and the upper chamber – 27 deputies. In total, the parliament would have 216 deputies. A lower house’s deputy may be a citizen of Ukraine, who on the day of elections has reached 35 years of age, the upper one is 40 years old and must have lived in Ukraine for the last ten years.
Lower – the House of Representatives to form on the basis of a proportional system. For voting, to form 27 multi-mandate constituencies and to elect seven deputies from each district. Elections to be held on open party lists, and the election quota should be determined separately in each constituency. For distribution of mandates between parties – the number of votes for each individual party that has exceeded 10 % barriers to divide the election quota. Upper – the Chamber of Regions to form solely from the heads of regional councils, which are not elected by deputies of the relevant council, but by the citizens of the respective territorial community according to the majority system of the relative majority.

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