Christian moral:metaantropological rationale

: 71-76

Slyvka S. "Christian moral:metaantropological rationale"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

One of the ontological problems of man is contained in his behavior. The beginning of this problem is the disobedience of God to the first person, which is why behavioral problems in the earthly life began to arise. Man does not fully understand his responsibility and ontological obligation, so his behavior varies between good and evil forces, between the spiritual and material, while making many mistakes. These mistakes are not only harmful to the person and his environment - they are gradually, though in small doses, but are destroying the world. The destruction of the world by man will eventually reach its final position. What happens to a person then? And can those people who died long ago not be held responsible for the crimes committed? These and other similar questions are answered in the study of the purpose of the anthropological content of Christian morality

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