Application of orthogonal polynomials for analysis of input numerical data in the problems of mass transfer

: pp. 88-98
Received: September 01, 2015

Math. Model. Comput. Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 88-98 (2015)

Centre of mathematical modelling, Pidstrygach IAPMM NAS of Ukraine
Centre of mathematical modelling, Pidstrygach IAPMM NAS of Ukraine
Centre of mathematical modelling, Pidstrygach IAPMM NAS of Ukraine

The investigations of the spectral methods are represented for solving applied tasks, in particular, the processing of digital information (problem of approximation, compression of information,   filtration of signals, determination of nature of physical process which is modeled), also imposition of boundary conditions for the formulated problems of mathematical physics, etc.  The essence of these methods consists in representation of known and required functions  by orthogonal series in the chosen bases and construction of the algorithms for calculation of coefficients of these series (the generalized spectra).   The methods of these calculation depend on the type of input information (analytic or discrete types). Approximation method for functions of two variables in domains of noncanonical form is suggested.

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