Open Access Policy

Editorial policy of open access of the journal is developed on basis recommendations and standards of Budapest initiatives open access ( Budapest Open Access Initiative`s definition of Open Access ). The journal uses the concept of " open access" that is given in the official documents of Budapest initiatives open access.

Under open access to the reviewed scientific literature is meant - free public access on the network Internet that allows any user to read, download, copy, distribute, perform print, search or get links to full texts of articles, scan, transfer them for indexing as data in software security, or use them for any legal purposes, without financial or legal ones or technical barriers, behind the wheel of those that are related from personal access of the user to the network Internet. The only one restrictions concerning reproduction and distribution materials are observed copyright in this industry that provides author's ability to control integrity own works, proper recognition him copyright and citation.

The journal strives to promote development of global open access to scientific information and research. Publisher provides for readers, scientists and institutions free online access to all published materials, for example, to refer to the content or download, distribution, printing, copying and reproduction on any carriers except changes content or for commercial using in accordance with the terms of the license Creative Commons Attribution Non - Commercial 4.0 International Public License ( CC BY - NC ) . License is valid under the condition that original composition is cited. For the of use published materials in commercial purposes, it is needed written permission from publisher.

The journal provides immediate open access to all published materials that does the results of research free accessible to the public and facilitates global exchange of knowledge, and this means next: each user of the network Internet has free and unlimited access to the full text of articles published in the journal; manuscripts are freely available without subscription or financed barriers; after publication all materials at once are available online (without long waiting).