: 147-155
Lviv Polytechnic National University, the Department of Design and Fundamentals of Architecture
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article outlines compositional tools used in the design of window displays of popular brand clothing stores. The author analyzes the current state of research of this topic and studies the materials of researchers dealing with the topic of window dressing and its development. The research methodology was developed and the regulatory requirements for window display design were analyzed. The analysis of window display design of well-known clothing brands in the national and foreign practice was carried out, and their comparative analysis was made. The study was supplemented by the analysis of artistic decoration of window displays with artificial lighting elements. Individual features of decoration of window displays of popular brand clothing stores were studied.

The relevance of the present research topic is explained by the importance of the window display design as a means of advertising for trade establishments helping to influence the consumer. A high-quality window display design encourages a person to enter a store and definitely motivates to make a purchase. Opening of new trade spots and redesign of interiors of existing stores take place in conditions of active competition. It is important to analyze the world and national trends of design of window displays of famous brands in the sphere of fashion, and their development, to identify common and distinctive features, as well as individual characteristics, with account for the industry and regional context.

Window displays are powerful and effective tools of trade advertising. They familiarize passers-by with store goods, novelties, promotions and seasonal changes, and also act as a business card of a shop. Window displays with interesting design help buyers to navigate through new fashion trends. The design primarily affects the visual perception of goods. Quite often, people switch from looking at a skillfully decorated shop window to the product itself as its integral part. That is why the object of advertising affects the psychology of a person more strongly than its image in a photo. Direct visual contact with the product gives a person the most accurate information about its shape, size, color, and texture.

Having analyzed the experience of foreign designers in the sphere of window display design, we can note the notable differences in design and formation of the exposition. Window displays of national brands are distinguished by sophistication, minimalism of shapes and colors that are close in tone to the clothing brand itself, while foreign store windows, on the contrary, make “loud” appearance of new collections, have a contrast combination of shapes and colors, aimed at enhancing the impression on customers. They are characterized by an asymmetric structure of the composition, a bright color scheme, use of shiny materials, hyperbolization of dimensions, and accentuation of the central element of the composition. Non-standard plots and colors can be seen in window displays of famous clothing stores. Designers engage famous artists to create installations with the use of lighting and illusion effects to attract the attention of customers.

This study supplemented the existing scientific researches in the sphere of window display design of stores of famous clothing brands and comprehensively analyzed the issue of window display design with account for compositional and technical methods and tools.

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