Lviv Politechnic National University
Lviv Politechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Marketing and Logistics

The current stage of the market relations development in Ukraine is characterized by the increased competition, which causes a constant search of competitive advantages for the manufacturers, in particular in the furniture market. One of the ways to achieve them is to intensify the marketing communications of domestic enterprises, which have their specificity compared to traditional marketing communications using the Internet.

Based on the study of the furniture market, it is found that the kitchen furniture manufacturers have significant opportunities for their further growth. In order to personalize their information messages, they are advised to use SMS and Viber mailing. A comparative description of existing mail services is provided for it. It is found that the best option for Diolini LLC would be to use the UniSender service, as it is quite easy to use, as well as it is available in Ukrainian. It uses several communication channels and offers additional paid packages at reasonable prices.

The activation of marketing communications of kitchen furniture manufacturers requires them to use certain motives in their information appeals that are important for consumers, when they buy these products. A survey was conducted among kitchen furniture consumers and it was defined that they prefer the furniture that is made in Ukraine. For them, quality is the most important factor in choosing kitchen furniture. Price is the second most important factor, then come additional services, then time of manufacture and services of the designer. An analysis of the primary marketing information shows that most respondents search for kitchen furniture when browsing the websites of their manufacturers or sellers.

In the research we have analyzed the sites of several furniture sellers, including Diolini LLC, and took into consideration different groups of criteria, such as domain name analysis; the evaluation of website design; general usability analysis; analysis of the content of the website, the frequency of its updating, the presence and usefulness of the information required for the user; testing of existing web-site services, evaluation of quality of their performance; analysis of the search visibility of a website and the presence of  third-party advertising banners on websites. On this basis it is substantiated that it would be expedient for Diolini LLC to improve the design of the site, to update the information on it more frequently, to expand the photo gallery and the number of languages ​​of the site.

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