International Broadcasting as a Form of Foreign-Policy Media Communications of Modern States: Experience for Ukraine (Review Article)

: 13-18
Received: March 01, 2019
Accepted: April 20, 2019
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article provides a thorough investigation of the problem of the effectiveness of international broadcasting in the system of foreign-policy media communications of modern states with the aim of introducing and using positive foreign experience for Ukraine. The paper analyzes the importance of international broadcasting in the implementation of foreign-policy strategies of modern states and its determining role in positioning and popularization of those states in the international arena or creating a positive public perception of a certain country. The authors prove that the efficiently organized international broadcasting system implies an effective form of communication between a definite country and the world community, an important direction of the\its foreign policy, an effective tool in promoting the national interests, state information sovereignty preservation, and also a powerful mechanism for preventing and counteracting disinformation, propaganda, and other negative info-psychological impacts.

The article describes the main formative stage of international broadcasting as a constituent of media communications of the modern states; the authors analyze the organizational and politico-legal foundations and principles of functioning of the international broadcasting system of the lead foreign countries in the global information space.

As a result of a comprehensive study of the formation and transformation of Ukraine’s international broadcasting system and the analysis of the legal framework and functioning principles, we should acknowledge inefficiency and low effectiveness of Ukraine’s international broadcasting. Based on the analysis of the foreign experience of the functioning of the international broadcasting institutes we provide practical recommendations in order to improve Ukraine’s international broadcasting system. The authors also outline the directions of its reformation. The expansion of international broadcasting is defined as a priority vector of the international media communications of our country.

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