: 16-22
Lviv Polytechnic National University

After Ukraine gained independence in 1991, the number of children's periodicals increased rapidly. There was a need not only to determine their quantitative characteristics, but also to analyze their qualitative content in accordance with the functions and purpose of children's periodicals in general - the education of a new generation of Ukrainians, and the legal direction in particular - the formation of a law-abiding citizen.

The market of journal legal periodicals of Ukraine is quite saturated, among them there is a predominance of journals of a scientific and practical nature, which are usually published by higher educational institutions of the country, and editions for practitioners of jurisprudence, which are publications of specialized publishing houses, such as "Jurinkom Inter" or "Yurydychna Praktyka". The only legal magazine for children was "Abetka Prava", which was published in 2012-2013 by the editors of the all-Ukrainian legal magazine "Pravo Ukrayiny". There were six publications, but four issues (№1 and №2-4 in 2012 and №1 and №2 in 2013), with a print run of 300 copies of each issue in 2012 and 100 copies in 2013. Larisa Denysenko was the editor-in-chief. She was a lawyer, TV journalist and writer, who led the sections - the editor-in-chief's introduction, an interview, a story with a continuation, and practical exercises (co-authored). The authors of the materials were journalists, lawyers, philologists, psychologists and teachers.

The rubric of the edition includes both permanent rubrics and those that were repeated in several issues or sounded only once. The topic of the publication's materials corresponds to the stated idea - a legal magazine for schoolchildren. Each issue of the magazine had a thematic nature and all texts were subordinated to certain aspects of the topic, were presented in different genre forms, where the authors tried to explain the essence of a certain human right, its nature, how it can be used, what are the legal mechanisms of protection and defense, and practical exercises contribute to consolidation of acquired knowledge and elementary skills of using one's constitutional right and protection against its violations.

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