Lviv Polytechnic National University

This article explores the format of a contemporary newspaper interview. This question is relevant today, after all, despite the fact that there are many journalistic interviews that clearly meet the requirements of the genre, however, there are also cases of not professionally raised questions, the unpreparedness of journalists to conduct an interview, illogical questioning.

The format of the interview genre is the arbitrary order of the journalist's questions and the responses of the person, her thoughts, comments, impressions of public interest. As a rule, the interview genre contains less information than the actual journalist received, which is a problem of incompleteness, dishonesty in reproducing the information provided by the interviewer.

To determine the specifics of the preparation of effective interviewing by journalists, the format of this genre in journalism is researched, characteristics of the interview as a genre of journalism are analyzed, types of interviews are described in terms of communicative intent (purpose) and type of communicative strategy, form, by number of participants, rules for interviewing and question formulation are defined.

The author also explores such a kind of interview as a monologue interview, in which the journalist receives an in-depth interview story interviewed in response to the questions posed by the journalist and formulated at the beginning of the material in the introduction. Such material is a stream of one person who commented on an event, expounded his position, and the journalist gives the interviewee an opportunity to speak without interfering with his speech. The concept is also given to the non-format interview, which is the failure to interview the final version of the text, the content of the radio, television interview. After all, in essence, it is a permission to publish a material without which it is impossible to publish an interview under any circumstances.

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