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Web analytics is essential when the Internet network contains many sites of news agencies, TV channels, and radio, which continuously compete with each other. To improve your site, media do not merely make an original design and quality content. It is necessary to analyze and study his work always. It will help web analytics. Whose main task – to get information that can improve the functioning of the оnline media. Web analytics is an independent assistant not only for the editor of the Internet media but also for every journalist. Because it allows learning its reader better, understand its tastes and preferences, as well as write the best and high-quality journalistic materials. Every journalist should know the portrait of his reader. The main task of web analytics is to monitor the attendance of the site based on data, through which the audit of the audience and the study of visitors to make decisions on the development and expansion of the functionality of Internet resources. Unfortunately, not all online media editors understand the importance of using web analytics data for successful media work.

In this study suggest tools to help editors of Internet media to obtain data for analysis and monitoring of readers and reviewed the methods and standards of web analytics, analyzed modern web systems used in the information-analytical activity of mass media. This toolkit is necessary for use by Internet media editors so that media managers are confident that the media not only produces content but also its content reaches readers. The results of research on the use of web analytics by editors of the Internet media are also highlighted

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