An estimation of quality of corporate management in controlling system


Obelnytska K. V.

The theoretical and practical aspects of the quality of corporate management have been
considered in the article witha purpose of the estimation in the system of controlling enterprise.
The system of controlling is the most perspective vector in the field of the functional and
instrumental providing the system of corporate management. Six directions for the evaluation
method of corporate management’s quality are indicated on the bases of the detailed analysis
providing functions of corporative management organs, such as components of corporate
governance system, internal documents, functions and plenary powers of general collections of
joint-stock company, functions and plenary powers of review board, functions and plenary powers
of revision commission, functions and plenary powers of executive body. This method shows the
blocks for the evaluation and verification of operation of corporate management for the specified
directions. Method is represented schematically. Considering the national system of corporate
management and domestic legislation is defined the information base for the evaluation method.
The results of assessment for quality of corporate governance will be considerate to improvement
the internal work on the enterprise. This assessment’s quality of corporate governance is in the
system of enterprise’s controlling. The sufficient level of the controlling system help to evaluate the
correct position of the company on time and it help to respond the factors of external environment.