Some Approaches to Viscometric Study of Chitosan in Acetic Acid Solution

Some ways of estimating the values of the intrinsic viscosity of chitosan were analyzed. It was shown that the method of Irzhak and Baranov for estimating the current value of the intrinsic viscosity allows to adequately estimates the conformational state of the macromolecular coil and its degree of swelling.

Application of Glutaraldehyde-Crosslinked Chitosan Membranes from Shrimp Shellwaste on Production of Biodiesel from Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil

The purification of biodiesel was performed using glutaraldehyde-crosslinked chitosan membrane to improve the quality and to reduce the cost of biodiesel production. Biodiesel was obtained by acid-based catalyzed transesterification of Calophyllum inophyllum oil. The results of this experiment showed that the amount of glycerol in biodiesel before the process is 0.3014±0.05 %. After the purification process performed for 1 h, the glycerol content in biodiesel has been reduced to 0.1429±0.09 %.