mathematical model

Багатовимірні моделі систем кодування на симетричних та асиметричних групах

This paper belongs to the field of systems engineering and is aimed at improving the qualitative indices of information technologies or systems with multidimensional characteristics (e.g. vector data coding design) with respect to reliability, precision and other significant operating characteristics of the systems based on the combinatorial configurations theory, namely the principle of optimal cyclic proportions (OCP).

Лінійний циклічний випадковий процес як математична модель тестових коливних сигналів у інформаційних системах діагностики, аутентифікації та прогнозування

In this study the cyclic linear random process, which combines the properties of linear random process and cyclic random process, is defined. This expands the possibility of describing cyclic signals and processes within the framework of linear random processes theory and generalizes their known mathematical model as a linear periodic random process.

Підсистема знищення формул алгоритмів

This article is about the determination of the process of deleting formulas of algorithms. The algorithm of computer deleting of formulas of algorithms was given. Synthesized, minimizing the mathematical model was synthesized, minimized and the algorithm of deleting of formulas of abstract algorithms was studied.

The mathematical modeling of convective process of wood drying with taking into account phase transitions boundaries

The mathematical model of heat and mass transfer in capillary-porous bodies for drying with taking into account the zone of evaporation movement is given in the work. The analytical solutions of nonlinear problems of heat and mass transfer for unsteady regimes of drying are received. The effect of duration of drying regimes on the temperature of phase transition in wood is investigated

Mathematical model of a pv signal polymerization of dental material in the form of pulsed periodic correlated stochastic process

Stochastic energy signals theory is used to the choice of a photoelectric signal polymerization of dental materials mathematical model in the pulse periodically correlated random process form.