ground tire rubber


This article proves the possibility of replacing aggregates in concrete mixtures with rubber, which is obtained by grinding used car tires. It was found that the replacement of crushed coarse aggregate in the amount of 10 vol.% with ground rubber from used car tires increases the bending strength by 23% The compressive strength does not change significantly.

The use of crushed rubber in asphalt mixtures of road pavements

The presented article gives a brief overview on the possible use of crushed rubber from waste tires in asphalt mixtures. Advantages, disadvantages and difficulties of its use in road construction are also discussed. The results of sieve analysis and thermal analysis obtained on the samples prepared from waste rubber are discussed. The use of recycled tire rubber in road construction can contribute significantly to the reduction of environmental load.

Compatibilization of Polymeric Composition Filled with Ground Tire Rubber – Short Review

Waste rubber is recognized as a valuable materials resource and searching for new recycling methods is the main activity of many research institutions and companies. During last years only few scientific papers about foamed polymer compositions filled with ground tire rubber were published. The paper reviews the progress in compatibilization and foaming of polymeric compositions filled with a ground tire rubber.

Recent developments in polyurethane foams containing low-cost and pro-ecological modifiers

Diversity of the polyurethane (PU) foams applications cause that investigation of the relationships between their structure and properties is currently very popular topic among the many research institutions and companies. At the turn of the last years many scientific papers about PU foams and their composites were published. The one of the main trends in research in this field is related to the reduction of production costs of PU foams. This aim can be successfully achieved through the incorporation of raw materials of natural origin or the utilization of waste materials.