Estimation of Labor Migration Impact on the Economy of Sending Country

This paper provides a theoretical framework for estimating the labor migration impact on the economy of sending country. The overall emigration impact includes two effects, which can be calculated separately, i.e., a departure effect and a remittances effect. The departure effect causes a negative impact on the economy by decreasing autonomous consumption. The remittances effect causes a positive impact by increasing disposable income and thus internal consumption and savings and imports. Calculations include the multiplier effect.

Logistic Regression as Instrument for Analyzing Influence of Remittances on Economic Growth

In the article, the influence of remittances on economics growth in Ukraine was researched. In order to conduct the research the logistics regression was applied. Volumes of consumption, export and import were included into the logistics model as variables, which contribute to calculation of GDP. By changing remittances, we identified their level, which will lead to GDP growth. Specifically, it was found out that economic growth would be achieved if remittances will increase by 2% ceteris paribus.

Personal consumption in Poland in global crisis conditions

The article presents a consumer economic situation of Polish households in the global financial crisis conditions. Determinants of an personal consumption and its chosen measures in the years 2008-2011 were shown. The thesis concerning the significant role of consumption in the growth of economy of a country gained despite of recessionary occurrence was substantiated.