temperature of heat carrier

Thermal Efficiency Analysis of Solar Heat Supply Unit Combined with Glass Facade of Building

The work notes the development of non-traditional energy sources in Ukraine. There is a need to improve existing solar collectors and combine these units with structures of external fencing for energy-efficient buildings. Taking into account the popularity of construction with an increased area of glazing, the paper suggests the design of solar collector combined with the glass facade of the building. It gives data about change of the heat carrier temperature at the outlet of the solar collector.

Comparison of efficient of the combined solar collector for energy-efficient buildings for different modes of operation

On the whole, alternative energy should contribute to taking the two pressing problems of environmental safety and energy efficiency. Solar energy, as energy resources of the future, has a lot of benefits. It is mainly harmless to people and the environment. It does not distort the landscape. There is no point in exporting or importing it. As for the energy itself, it is both free and renewable, the latter benefit being the most important one. In work paid considerable attention to solar heating systems and proposed to use this solar heating system in energy-efficient homes in Ukraine.