Human metaphysical responsibility

The concept of metaphysical accountability is clarified in the scientific article by means
of philosophy, philosophy of law, canon law, mathematics and other sciences. Going to the
conditional formation of the spiritual ladder, it is proved that a person, raising the degree of
responsibility, can significantly reduce their number of offenses. Moving a person to perfection
is carried out in movement from the existential to the transcendental, while reducing the value
of orthodontic, where most unlawful, domestic acts.

Сhristian life standards: methanotropological reasons

The article investigates life-giving norms in the meta-anthropological aspect. The focus is on the characterization of virtues. It is proved that the process of virtues in a meta50 anthropological dimension has natural determinants, since Christian life-giving norms are manifested in everyday, existential and transcendental dimensions in different ways. The lifestyle technique from the point of view of transcendental law is described.