A study of the influence of water level fluctuations on the geodynamic situation in the natural and technical geosystem of the Dniester HPP and PSPP cascade

Purpose. Statistical information for the period from 2016 to 2021 was used to analyze seismic activity. Objective. The aim of the study is to identify the relationship between changes in water level and local seismic activity in the region. Using HPP and Psing filtering, the hypocenters of earthquakes within a radius of 30 km from the seismic station with the NDNU index were selected, and using geographic information technology tools, the hypocenters of earthquakes were compared with the geological structure of the region. Methodology.

Математичне моделювання кінетики вирівнювання тиску газу в пористому шарі за малих збурень

The mathematical model of nonstationary gas filtration in porous plane layer under small perturbations of gas pressure is considered. We have obtained the linearized filtration equation with the coefficients depending on the parameters of the porous medium, the thermodynamic characteristics of gas and the value of unperturbed pressure in the layer. A problem of kinetics of equalization of pressure in the layer in the case of small local perturbations was formulated. Using the Green function, we have obtained an analytical solution of the problem.

Design of a short-time energy saving tank for light weight electric transport vehicles

The paper suggests the approach to the design of a short-time energy saving reservoir for light-weight electric transport vehicles. It is substantiated that the new product will be energysaving and will ensure gains in traction and braking force. CATIA was chosen as the most proper environment for the design as its libraries are the most suitable for machine-building.

Dynamical behavior of liquid in reservoir of revolution under harmonic force disturbance in the below resonant frequency range

Dynamical behavior of liquid in a reservoir of revolution under vibration disturbance of reservoir motion is studied within the framework of the model of combined motion. We focus main attention on the system behavior in below resonant range. For analysis of peculiarities of the system behavior we compare the development of wave generation for cylindrical, conic, spherical, hyperboloid (one-sheet and two-sheet) reservoirs.

Improvement of thermal characteristics of household bioreactor

Rational form of reservoir was set and the typical number of household biogas plants was presented. The analysis of different types of thermal insulation to reduce the heat loading on the heating system of bioreactor was carried out. The amount of thermal energy flowing into the tank from the solar radiation was defined. The results are presented in graphic and empirical form.