deflected mode

Mechanoelectrical transformations in rocks of Tashtagol iron-ore deposit

As a result of laboratory researches at uniaxial compression of core boring from Tashtagolsk iron-ore deposits it is established that stages of change of the deflected mode of formations confidently marks out by characteristics of electromagnetic issue. The polarisation current, which is arising in the course of deformation of rocks, correlates with changes of characteristics of dynamoelectric transformations.

Інженерний метод розрахунку міцності приопорних ділянок прогінних залізобетонних конструкцій

The main results of experimental studies of strength, bearing areas’ are usually uncut, pre-stressed, stretched and eccentrically compressed reinforced concrete beams. Тhe identified of the stated constructions’ bearing areas’ new destruction patterns and the establishment of their dependence on the research factors’ corresponding ratio; the development of new general engineering methods of the studied elements’ bearing areas’ durability calculation based on the choice and the alternating consideration of the most probable destruction schemes.