signal-to-noise ratio

Determination of Acceptable Parameters Area in Modified Detector of Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Signals

This paper describes the Matlab simulation results of receiving signals with quadrature modulation, such as OQPSK, using modified phase detector. As the result, the ber-to-snr diagrams were presented for modified and classical detector. The conclusions about its effectiveness were made. There are new methods of modulation signals that allow effective use of the frequency band, and communication systems (eg. trunking) that can effectively distribute the network traffic.

Method for increasing the energy efficiency of HQPSK signals

With the development of cellular communications, the different problems of effective spectrum utilization to provide a high quality of service for large number of mobile users have been emerged. For the last years the development of wireless communications became a large scale, inducing developers of radiotechnic devices to find new solutions to the problem of effective utilization of the allocated spectrum and effective power maintenance.