rounding of cutting edge

Вплив магнітно-абразивного оброблення на якість мітчиків із швидкорізальної сталі

The specificities of magneto-abrasive machining of cutting taps made from high-speed steel were researched. Surface roughness after cycle machining of cutting taps on the front surface is reduced to Ra=0,1µm, on the back surface to Ra=0,7—0,9µm, on the cylindrical surface — Ra=0,2— 0,4µm, depending on the conditions of basing the machined pieces during machining, surface hardness increases to 9—10GPa, radii of cutting edge rounded increases on 5–10%. It is shown, that the moment for cutting taps at tapping after MAM on 15–40% less than for unmachined taps.