Autocorrelation analysis of radiogeodetic measurements

Correlation information, apart from the possibility, and often the need for its application directly in mathematical processing, contains a number of other valuable data: the degree of influence of individual factors on the result of measurements, the presence of systematic errors, the course of time, etc. Autocorrelation analysis, as part of the overall correlation , allows us to evaluate the correlation between the components of the vector of measurement results.

The long-term temporal prediction of the landslides activity in the right bank of KYIV reservoir

The article is devoted to the investigations of the landslide processes on the right bank of Dnipro within Kyiv reservoir. The long-term temporal prediction of landslides to 2020 based on consideration of the complex
influence of meteorological, geophysical, geological and hydrological factors of landslides development in the
time have been done.

The long-term time-series prediction of the debris flow activity in Carpathian mountains' hydrogeologic region territory

Analysis of the debris flow formation factors which cause the long-term activity of debris flows is made. The methodology of the debris flows prediction subject to meteorological, hydrological, seismic, heliophysical factors is proposed. The regularities of long-term seasonality of these factors by using autocorrelation and spectral analysis are revealed. The integral rate of probability of debris flow intensification is calculated. The time series of this integral rate is extrapolated and the following peak of debris flows activation is predicted.

Spectral and Correlation Analysis of Signals With Continuous and Discrete Frequency Modulation

Complex signals are used typically for solving electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic devices, stable and efficient in their work under intense action of active and passive noise. Using complex signals with linear frequency modulation (LFM), in particular, provides higher resolution than the range and the speed, and can significantly improve information radio.