delay time

Excitation of Bulk Acoustic Waves by Interdigital Transducer From the Surface of Lithium Niobate Crystals

The excitation of bulk acoustic waves of the UHF range by interdigital transducer from the XY surface of lithium niobate crystals is considered. Experimental studies were carried out on acoustoelectronic delay lines, in which interdigital transducers were used during excitation and receiving acoustic waves. It is established that the electromagnetic wave delayed on the interdigital transducer causes a bulk acoustic wave, the structure of which contains a set of spatial harmonics.

Study of the Load Management Mechanisms in Content Delivery Networks

Concept content delivery network (CDN) system and load balancing mechanisms were considered in this paper. The main task of the CND network — providing the qualitative information delivery to the end user. Content Delivery Network (CDN) — is a geographically distributed network, that contains a number of content servers and routers. As a rule, it consists of a main node (Origin), and caching nodes (Edges) — points of presence, which can be located in various parts of the world. All content are stored and updated on the Origin server.