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Research of the Efficiency of the Cdn Network

The network architecture of the content delivery network (CDN) and methods of the load balancing were examined in this paper. We have described the algorithm of end users’ request routing which allows selecting the optimum edge server to receive a content with maximum quality. The use of network system monitoring was offered. This system allows to efficiently assess the status of the network and promptly report possible problems. It was defined which parameters are needed to be monitored.

Photoelectronic signal generation in scanning television optical microscope

This paper presents a method of determining the necessary sensitivity for photoelectronic transducer (PET) in scanning television optical microscope (STOM), which is used for biological microobject studying. High resolution cathode ray tube is used in the STOM for test microobject illumination. On the screen of this tube a scanning raster is being formed. This raster allows you to create an image of microobjects, whose resolution exceeds 4000x4000 elements.