dynamic error

Design of Optimal Filter for Analog Signal

The technique for designing the optimal value of the filter time constant for analog signal is presented in the paper. This technique is based on the objective function which takes into account the quality index of the filtration process and the dynamic error of the filtered signal. The experimental study of the transient processes in a thermal plant was carried out in order to analyze the influence of the filter parameters on the quality of the filtration process.

Determination of current setting time in inductive load of voltage-to-current converter under non-harmonic influence

The paper presents analysis of problems dealing with the determination of the current setting time in the inductive component of the complex load of Voltage-to-current (VTC) converter under non-harmonic input influence. There is showed the change in the transient response and in the current setting time of the inductor on changing the VTC converter and complex load parameters. Expression to determine the current setting time of complex load of VTC converter at given level of dynamic error is presented.