Labour Market of Ukraine in the Conditions of Intensification of Migration Population Processes

The article identifies that the labour market is a complex integrated system with a large number of economic entities, including intermediaries or immigrants, as well as socio-economic processes, ambiguous determinants, large amounts of information and ever-increasing links between market contractors. The impact of population migration on the labour market in Ukraine is analysed, as well as the socio-economic factors on which the level of balancing of the labour market depends, with the adjustment of labour supply to the volume of emigration of the population are outlined.


The article deals with the process of intensification of the urban territory of a historically formed city. The quarters of residential developments of different periods are analyzed and the indicators of density are determined. The urban transformations of a city canvas, which influence the changes in the density indices and their inter-dependence were investigated.

Підбір перспективних рас дріжджів у виробництві квасу

Досліджено підбір нових рас дріжджів, які здатні зброджувати квасне сусло при
температурах понад 30 оС і одержувати квас з покращеними фізико-хімічними і
органолептичними показниками. Вивчено вплив температури культивування квасних
дріжджів на накопичення дріжджових клітин. У дослідженнях використовували чисті
культури дріжджів (ЧКД) Saccharomyces cerevisiae раси Р-87, Saccharomyces cerevisiae
штаму МП-10, хлібопекарські дріжджі. Встановлено переваги дріжджів Saccharomyces

Kinetic Laws of Flavanoid Extraction from Mulberry Leaves by Extractant Cavitation Activation

Mass transfer in a capillary-porous body-liquid extraction, on condition that an activated and unactivated extractant is used, has been experimentally investigated. The mechanism of the extraction process for extracting the desired components from mulberry leaves has been found. Experimental results are generalized on the base of a mathematical model that allows the process to be predicted when implementing it in practice.

Analysis of Dissolution Kinetics based on the Local Isotropic Turbulence Theory

The dissolution kinetics of potassium sulfate dissolved in water under pneumatic mixing has been investigated. The mass transfer coefficients were determined by the experiments, as well as on the basis of the local isotropic turbulence theory. The ratio between theoretical and experimental data was found to be satisfying that allows to determine the theoretical mass transfer coefficient to calculate the mentioned process.