Emergence of earthquakes footprint in natural electromagnetic field variations

Purpose. It is well-known that strong earthquakes are typically accompanied by some phenomena which relate to variations of natural electromagnetic fields. Based on the idea about the mechanism of lithosphere–atmosphere–ionosphere coupling we expect to detect some precursors of strong natural earthquakes in electromagnetic data sets recorded by magnetotelluric instruments far enough from epicenters.

Structural Organization of Polymer Metal Complexes with Water or Phenanthroline and their Influence on Luminescence Properties

A monomer – 2-methyl-5-phenylpentene-1-dione-3,5, its solvent metal complex  Eu(III)-water, hybrid metal complex Eu(III)-phenanthroline, new metallopolymers based on them are obtained. The results of above studies have shown that the configuration of the chelate unit is unchanged during polymerization. Using the electron microscopy the homogeneity of metal distribution in the polymer matrix of synthesized metallopolymer was confirmed.