The article deals with the development of the reference means of support and metrological insurance required for  metrological  verification  and  calibration  of  beta  and  gamma  radiation  dosimeters.  The  latter  are  extremely  necessary  for dosimetric measurements of radiation characteristics in the field of radiation safety, radiation diagnosis and therapy.

Методи спектроскопії та обробка даних спектрального аналізу

This article provides an analysis of modern methods of spectroscopy in medicine, examined their classification. Conducted a review of portable spectroscopic systems, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of their use. Analysis of components for spectroscopic analysis. Review of methods of the spectrum classification. Brought a conceptual diagram of processing the received data and its classification. Review of applications portable spectroscopic systems.

Data classification of spectrum analysis using neural network

This article provides the comparison of libraries neural networks. Based on this analysis was determined to develop a neural network for classification of spectra based on Encog library, because it implemented many components and gives the best result with a small number of items for training. Showed the architecture of neural networks for data classification of spectral analysis.

Volterra series for Hodgkin-Huxley and Fitzhugh-Nagumo neuron models

The peculiarity of Volterra series use as to comparison with classical models of nonlinear dynamical systems in the form of nonlinear differential equations is that Volterra series directly evaluates output signal of the system by multidimensional convolution of input signal. Kernels of Volterra series can be considered as generalization of impulse response of linear systems to nonlinear ones. The choice of certain components of Volterra series enables to take into account nonlinear peculiarities of different orders.

Spin-Orbit Coupling Effects in BrO- and HOBr Photodissociation Reactions

Potential energy curves of the ground and a few excited states of the BrO- and HOBr along the photodissociation reactions, which correlate with lower dissociation limits are obtained on the base of calculations results by ab initio method. The singlet-triplet nonadiabatic transition with dissociation of the ground Х1+ state to lower limit О(3Р) + Br-(1S) is predicted on the basis of calculations results. The ground singlet Х1+ state of the BrO- has predissociative and metastable character for the upper vibrational levels.