exhaust gases

Екологічна ефективність комбінованих систем утилізації теплоти викидних газів котельної установки

The new equipment for heat-utilization of exhaust gases of gas-fired boilers with usage combined heat-recovering system of a heating and humidifying of blow air is developed. The detailed description of heat-recovering system, the general view of the heat-recovering aggregate and the basic scheme of its connection to the boiler is given. Data of the thermal and ecological efficiency are confirmed by results of the test of boiler installation with heat-recovering aggregate.

Cause-Effect Analysis of the Modern State in Production of Jet Fuels

The main methods of fuels for gas-turbine engines manufacturing are presented in the given article. Taking into account limitation of the world deposits of oil and other fossil fuels, the perspectives of various kinds of raw materials application for jet fuels production are discussed. Processes of raw materials extraction and processing, further manufacturing and use of jet fuels were analysed and their impact on environment was estimated.