mechanical and thermal properties

Polymer-silicate composites with modified minerals

New polymer composites on the basis of epoxy resin and different fine dispersed mineral powders (andesite, bentonite, diatomite, liquid glass and quartz sand) were obtained and their mechanical (ultimate strength), thermal (temperature dependence of the softening) and water absorption properties were investigated. It was established that all properties of these materials were essentially improved, when the same fillers modified by tetraetoxysilane (TEOS) were used.

Self-cured polymers from non-drying oil

Pongamia glabra seed oil (PGSO) – a non-edible, non-drying oil; a sustainable resource has found application as alkyds, epoxies and polyesteramides in paints and coatings. Generally, PGSO based polymeric coatings are obtained by curing at elevated temperature. Efforts have been made to cure PGSO at room temperature by simple route modification.