estimation accuracy

About the assessment of the accuracy of geodetic heights and latitudes, which are calculated by spatial rectangular coordinates

Proposed formula to assess the accuracy of geodetic altitudes and latitudes on the spatial rectangular coordinates. The proposed formulas allow you to define geodetic altitude and latitude as a result of satellite geodetic definitions at any point in the Earth's surface, including on the equator, the pole, the zero meridian and the meridian 180 град.  The analysis has shown, that the accuracy of determination of altitudes and latitudes does not depend on the provisions of points.

Approximation of functions of root mean square errors of land parcels areas to determine their allowable value

The purpose of this article is the research of results of approximation of functions of calculation of the meansquare errors of land parcels areas to determine such approximation function, which would allow most accurately calculate the permissible values of mean square errors depending on the size and elongation of land parcel. Methods. To meet the goal an approximation of functions by the method of least squares was performed. Two functions were used for approximation – the natural logarithm and power, as well as the evaluation of the accuracy was done.