Digital processing

Digital method of SSB modulation

This paper is dedicated to modeling of the digital method of single-sideband (SSB) modulation. Digital method of SSB modulation provided in this paper is based on Weaver`s method of SSB modulation. The design and calculations of digital blocks are detailed. Such a model allows obtaining the output SSB signal in time and frequency domains at given input signals and system parameters. This could be useful for design and optimization purposes.

Alhorytmichni ta skhemotekhnichni zasoby opratsiuvannia syhnaliv impulsnoho pervynnoho peretvoriuvacha za otsinkamy informatsiinoi entropii [Algorithmic and signal processing circuit means of pulse primary converter estimated information entropy]

Intensive development of new technologies has led to the growth of metrological performance requirements for primary converters, including the cost of gas environments. The use of digital technology in the implementation of the initial transformation of information traditionally based on the representation of non-electrical values electrical, actually leads to the need to improve the existing and circuit solutions.

A measuring system based on sensors of magnetic field and temperature with digital signal processing

The paper deals with the investigation of electro-physical properties of Si1-xGex whiskers; the possibility of their use as sensitive elements in magnetic field and temperature sensors is considered. The possible ways of improving the output characteristics of these sensors, particularly through the use of a measuring system with digital signal processing.

Update of topographic maps of Iraq, scale of 1: 50 000 using satellite image – IKONOS

The aim is to find accurate, fast and economical way to update maps with information obtained by remote sensing data. There were all the necessary research to update the maps of the study area city of Kerbala (Iraq) scale 1: 50,000, which was last upgraded in 1984. Method. Updating map was carried out in three stages. The first stage – the digital processing of satellite images and maps using GIS professional ArcGIS9. After combining the coordinate system of satellite images and maps was performed controlled classification.