wind power plant (WPP)

Modern Strategies for Controlling Wind Power Plants: Technologies, Challenges and Prospects

This paper explores the evolution of wind power plant (WPP) control strategies, from simple approaches aimed at optimizing the operation of individual wind turbines to the development of more complex systems that manage WPPs as single integrated entities. Particular attention is paid to the key requirements for WPP control systems and the analysis of WPP structure, especially in the context of their integration into the overall power system. The main objectives of WPP control systems have been studied.

Basical Aspects of Integration Wind Plants in Electric System

The conditions of the point of common coupling choice of wind power plants are shown schematically and the conditions that must be met for their joint operation as a part of the power systems are described. The effects of integration of wind power plants into the power systems at the local and general levels are analyzed. The requirements of the international Grid Codes to the frequency control of the power systems with wind power plants are considered.

Modeling of energy potential of wind power plant

This paper deals with the research and comparative analysis of methods of determining the probability of wind speed’s recurrence by using Weibull distribution, gamma distribution and lognormal distribution based on statistic wind speed data. It provides possibility to substantiate the feasibility of using one of them in a specific area for modeling a wind parameters and to substantiate location of individual wind turbines and wind power station as a whole.

GIS technologies in the analysis of wind energy development projects in the Precarpathian region

Purpose. Among the investment projects related to economic development in the region, special attention is drawn to projects that involve a significant amount of land allocation, valuable because of their ecological status, high recreational resources and other circumstances. Exactly to these types of projects wind power development programs relate. The actual problem is the evaluation of the quality of wind parks design, taking into account the existing landscape and climatic conditions. Methods.