thermal resistance

Thermometric Bridge Circuits for Measuring Thermophysical Properties

The article presents the designs of a number of devices for measuring the thermal conductivity of solids developed using the new methodological approaches proposed by the authors, which enable measurements in a wide range of thermal conductivity values with better accuracy. The proposed approaches rely on the principle of invariance, which consists in ensuring the compensation of the effect of various non-informative parameters on the measurement result.


The influence of structural and thermal parameters of window structures on energy consumption in a house of a residential type is analyzed in this article from the standpoint of providing the required level of natural lighting and minimizing of transmission losses. It was shown, that modern buildings are characterized by a much larger proportion of the area of window structures, which requires a special analysis of the effect of translucent enclosures on the energy performance of buildings.

Synthesis and properties of halogen containing simple and complex block copolyethers

Bifunctional halogen-containing oligomers of various composition and structure were synthesized. Simple and complex aromatic block copolyethers of constructional and film purpose were obtained by various methods of polycondensation. Physical and chemical properties of obtained block copolyethers were studied.