fixed-bed column

Dynamics of Adsorption of Copper Ions in Fixed-Bed Column and Mathematical Interpretation of the First Stage of the Process

The dynamics of the adsorption process in the fixed-bed column was experimentally studied on the example of the system natural zeolite - water solution of copper salt with low concentrations, which are characteristic for wastewater treatment processes from toxic contaminants. The initial curves of the adsorption process for the height of the sorbent layer of 5 and 7 cm were constructed. The equilibrium of such processes can be described by Henry's linear equation. The adsorption process in the layer consists of two stages, which are examined in the study.

Fixed-bed adsorption of cephalexin onto walnut shell-based activated carbon

In this work activated carbon (AC) was used for the removal of cephalexin (CFX) from aqueous solution in a fixed-bed column. The breakthrough curves of the adsorption process of CFX on the walnut shell AC at different mass of the adsorbent, flow rate and initial CFX concentration were determined.